Stephen Harper

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    Active Alumni

    As undergraduates at Pi Lam at UNC, we gave our blood, sweat, and tears to mold the fraternity into a successful organization and aspired to be the strongest on campus. However, it is no secret that the most successful fraternities nationwide are those with the most Alumni support. Unfortunately, until recently, our alumni community had all but dissolved and our undergraduate chapter was left with only a handful of dedicated alumni.

    Thanks to many of our young Alumni, we have been able to reinstate our alumni chapter and greatly help the undergraduate chapter in the past year. We, as the new Alumni Chapter, intend on maintaining our presence and relationship with the undergraduates, and just as importantly, expanding our relationship with our amazing network of alumni.

    Please join us by becoming an Active Alumnus to support greater alumni outreach, events, undergraduate support, this website, and more! Dues are $50/year or $4/month. Thank you for all of your support over the years!


    A big thank you to all of our Active Alumni from the undergraduate and alumni communities!

    Our donation portals are secured by PayPal. The Alumni Association manages all money donated. All donations will be divided between alumni services, fraternity improvements, and other ventures, as determined by the Alumni Association.


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    Fall Alumni Gala 2015

    Thank you for purchasing your Alumni Gala tickets! Follow the instructions on the left-hand side of your screen to complete your payment.

    Please prepare yourself for an evening filled with good drinks, great food, and extraordinary company. Don't forget to pack your dancing shoes! 

    If you have any payment questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call Jeremy Drawas at (919)264-9240.



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