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Thank you for your support as we go through these turbulent times. As you may be aware, a disgruntled former brother has submitted a trove of incriminating documentation, referencing hazing, drinking, drug use, and evasion of oversight to the university and to our nationals. Out of context, much of this information was extremely damning and painted a dire picture of our brotherhood. However, as you know, our core values as a fraternity are much stronger than a few bad apples' delinquent actions.

Among other activities, our Alumni Chapter has created a coaches board to help the undergraduates change their culture, conducted a membership review to identify and remove the students who instigated the trouble, and proposed a list of sanctions (including social suspension, a financial donation, and chapter probation).

Unfortunately, the university has deemed that are actions are not sufficient and have taken the extreme action of revoking our charter. We are hoping that this petition will help with our appeal. Please read below and sign if you agree.

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"I am a brother of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at UNC or was associated in some capacity as an undergraduate. During my time at Pi Lambda Phi, I never felt that I was forced, pressured, or coerced into doing something that I did not want to do. Furthermore, I feel that Pi Lambda Phi made a significantly positive change to my life and college experience. Lastly, I feel as if Pi Lambda Phi makes a positive impact on the overall community, as the only Fraternity on campus founded on the principles of non-prejudice."

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