See you soon!

Thank you for signing up to help us clean on July 9th! Your assistance will go a long way. 

UPDATE: We will not have a dumpster, but will be doing dump runs with a trailer. All trash goes to back or on trailer (if parked elsewhere)

Please reach out to Jeremy Drawas with any questions at 919-264-9240 or [email protected]

Many folks helping today are friends of Jeremy / Brad, so don’t be surprised if you see some new faces. 

Many items have been marked with tape:
Green Tape = Donate (put in Parlor Room)
Blue Tape = Keep (this belongs to the undergrads or needs to be kept by the fraternity)
White Tape = Trash

Cleaning Objectives (in order)

  1. Mattresses & Paint to the Trailer FIRST (must be dumped by 10am)
  2. Remove all trash from house
    1. Break down wooden structures, bring to trailer
      (don’t throw away blue or green taped items)
  3. Store all items to be donated in parlor room (TV area)
    1. If you’d like something that is marked for donation, it’s yours!
    2. Keep it tidy so we can easily showcase for Habitat for Humanity
  4. Break down benches and other wooden structures (bars)
  5. Clean surfaces (sweep / mop / vacuum / wipe)
    1. Clean items marked for donation (especially fridges)
    2. Lowest priority, but still important

If there is no parking at the house, I recommend parking at the "secret lot" located at 210 Pittsboro St. -- Take Pittsboro (directly across from the house and it's on the right <100 yards down the road.

Food & Drinks
We will have bagels and coffee at the house starting at 7am and pizza delivered at noon. We have lots of waters and sports drinks. We'll also have coolers filled with beer for everyone. Niko Carlson may also treat us to some delicious (fresh) beer from his brewery.

If you have any of the following, please bring them for the event: tools, truck / trailer (for haul away), gloves, strong friends.

We've been having some technical difficulties on our emails, so please share with anyone else in the area. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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