Planned Giving

Many alumni have expressed great interest in donating to Pi Lam at UNC "over my dead body." As a non-prejudiced fraternity, who are we to judge? We are working with our team of alumni lawyers to set up a way for you to include Pi Lam in your last will and testament and get credit for it while you're still around to enjoy it!

So hang tight and and check back in soon while we get all the kinks worked out -- and, while you're waiting, check out other ways to donate found in the links above!

What is planned giving? According to Harvard, "Planned givingĀ is a process of charitable, legal, financial, and tax planning that enhances your philanthropy and enables you to address other financial and estate planning issues while making a gift." Or in regular English: it is a way to donate in your will or trust, but reap the tax benefits and social rewards now.

I'm no lawyer, so I found this great picture explanation while scouring the interwebs:

Be sure to check back with us soon to learn more about planned giving!

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