Alumni Mentor Program

One of the many benefits of brotherhood is a lifelong connection to successful men who can share their knowledge with younger brothers.  In the undergraduate years, brothers are paired with a Big Brother who helps guide them through university and life challenges. In an effort to continue the mentorship aspect of brotherhood, we have recently launched the Alumni Mentor Program.

The Alumni Mentor Program aims to connect undergraduate brothers with accomplished alumni in their field of interest based on a number of different criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Professional / Vocational Interests
  • Major / Field of Study
  • Location of Internship / Job Opportunity
  • Hobbies and Interests

Alumni Mentors and Undergraduate Mentees are matched based on the above criteria. Undergrads receive advice and guidance from alumni who can help them reach their goals much faster.

Become an Alumni Mentor

The program seeks alumni who are willing to devote a few hours a month to building a connection with and mentoring current undergraduates.  Becoming an Alumni Mentor means you’ll be periodically speaking with your undergraduate mentee, helping them succeed through the difficult transition from college to the working world.  Past alumni mentors have helped undergraduates with job interview preparation, graduate school advice, and even in finding a career they are passionate about. If you are interested in becoming an alumni mentor (we are always looking for more help!), please reach out to our Alumni Mentorship Chair, Jason Scanlan [email protected].



 Matt Genett (right) and his Alumni Mentor Ed Hawes (left). Matt now works with Ed at Regions Bank.

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