National History

In 1895, after several groups of men were denied admission to Yale University because of their religious and racial backgrounds, Frederick Manfred Werner, Louis Samter Levy, and Henry Mark Fisher were determined to start something new. They decided to start the first fraternity that was “a fraternity in which all men were brothers, no matter what their religion; a fraternity in which ability, open-mindedness, farsightedness, and a progressive, forward-looking attitude would be recognized as the basic attributes.” Chapters at other universities started soon after. While non-sectarian, it was predominantly Jewish until the end of World War II. During its history, three national fraternities merged with Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Beta Delta, Beta Sigma Tau and Beta Sigma Rhohistory-Convention-1949.jpg


Phi Beta DeltaThe_crest_of_Phi_Beta_Delta.png

Phi Beta Delta was founded at Columbia University, April 4, 1912. The Founders stated, “Its purpose is to inculcate among its membership a fine spirit of loyalty, activity and scholarship toward their Alma Mater, to develop the highest ideals of conduct and to promote a close fraternal bond through means of carefully selected associates.” Phi Beta Delta merged into Pi Lambda Phi on February 1, 1941. At the time, Pi Lambda Phi had 20 active chapters and Phi Beta Delta had 16, considering duplications, the combined Pi Lambda Phi fraternity was a net of 33 chapters. All members and alumni of Phi Beta Delta were admitted into Pi Lambda Phi.

Beta Sigma Tau

Beta_Sigma_Tau_Crest.jpgBeta Sigma Tau was founded in 1948 at Baldwin Wallace College. The Founders stated that the purpose of the fraternity was “to end barriers among people and to have a foundation based upon a brotherhood and democracy which transcends racial, national and religious differences.” Beta Sigma Tau was merged into Pi Lambda Phi on November 1, 1960. At the time of the merger there were 8 active chapters of Beta Sigma Tau. The Baldwin Wallace College (OH Beta Tau) chapter is the sole surviving chapter of Beta Sigma Tau. The founder of Beta Sigma Tau was Stanley Tolliver of Baldwin Wallace College (1947).

Beta Sigma RhoBeta_Sigma_Rho_Crest__from_1922_Cornellian.jpg

Beta Sigma Rho merged into Pi Lambda Phi on December 12, 1972 adding 5 active chapters, and merging 2 chapters. The two chapters at the Pennsylvania State University would not merge, and the Beta Sigma Rho, Beta chapter became Beta Sigma Beta. In 1950 the Beta Sigma Rho ritual was changed to reflect a non-sectarian viewpoint. All members of Beta Sigma Beta were granted admitted into Pi Lambda Phi.


The Elimination of Prejudice is the fraternity’s official philanthropy. The non-profit organization was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Berea, Ohio. The Elimination of Prejudice works to set the conditions for sensitive societal conversations to take place, and promotes the principles of equality and inclusiveness to the widest possible audience. It holds video and essay contests, and runs youth-based educational programs and retreats. The Elimination of Prejudice raises money to fund the aforementioned programs and others. Presently, the Elimination of Prejudice is active on 31 college campuses and universities, and works with nearly 1,000 students in the U.S. and Canada.

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