A Letter from the President

In the last two years, our very first Alumni Association Board, led by Roberto Rupcich, made incredible strides towards our collective dream of building a stronger community of Pi Lam UNC Alumni.
Never before have we had such a large active group of alumni, truly dedicated to our “Not four years, but a lifetime” mantra. For that, I would like to sincerely thank Roberto Rupcich, Alton Wright, Josh Kahn, and many others (too many to name), who served as trusted advisors to take us to where we are today.
Of course, our effort is not complete – not even close. With our new Alumni Association Board, we seek to continue this momentum and strive to achieve so much more.
A few of our 2017 goals are as follows:
  • Increase Active Alumni membership 50% (from 67 in 2016 to 100 in 2017)
  • Raise over $15,000 from Alumni in 2017
  • Digitize physical Pi Lam keepsakes and share on the website
  • Keep this blog updated 1x per month
  • Send out a newsletter 2x per year
  • Host an Alumni Association open hours call for any alumni who wish to join 2x per year
  • Begin selling Alumni Merchandise on our website
  • Reach out to alumni of generations past and create a meaningful connection with someone from every frat-generation (~5 year generations)
  • Host an annual telethon and mailing campaign to reach out to alumni of all generations
  • Pair at least 10 undergrads with Alumni within our mentorship program
The goals above just scrape the surface of the things our new board are looking forward to accomplishing.
When I ran for President, I ran on the platform of Visibility and Accountability – meaning that I wanted everyone to be able to understand what we are working on and hold me accountable to accomplishing those tasks. With this promise, is also the request that the many alumni not on the Alumni Association Board stay connected with us and hold us accountable.
In the spirit of Visibility, I am making our board’s goals and action items publicly available on Google Drive (Alumni Assn Accountability Board) and I will be having monthly calls with non-Alumni Association Board alumni who wish to contribute (who I call “Tier 2 Advisors”). I encourage everyone to check out the accountability board and to reach out to me if they’d like to be a “Tier 2 Advisor.” Together, we can accomplish (and exceed) our communal goals.
Fraternally Submitted,
Jeremy Drawas

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