When people think of fraternity rituals they immediately have the image of dark rooms lit by candles, college students dressed in robes, outdated language and unusual ceremonies, including oaths, passwords and a secret handshake. Although this common perception of Ritual is accurate, what is often hidden by a veil of secrecy is the true purpose and a unique set of values behind the Ritual.

Pi Lambda Phi, like other fraternities, has a Ritual. Although our Ritual is a symbolic meaningful experience which connects Pilams throughout generations, it is also much more. Our Ritual is not just a ceremony performed a couple times a year, but a set of values demonstrated through the lives of our Brotherhood. Pilams are expected to make our Ritual part of their daily ritual, or in other words, live the values of Pi Lambda Phi each and every day. Pi Lambda Phi is proud of our Ritual and we want to share with you its true meaning. If you choose to keep reading, you will learn about the Ritual of Pi Lambda Phi and what it means to be member of our organization. If you find these values meaningful we invite you to join us in a challenge we call "Living your daily Ritual".


Scholarship goes beyond your undergraduate or even graduate experience. Brothers of Pi Lambda Phi commit themselves to a lifetime of personal growth and discovery. A true Pilam knows he always has something to learn and never truly reaches the end of his educational journey.


A Pilam is a man of character, a man of class and grace, and a man who will "Always be a Gentleman". A man of character is someone who gives back through community service and philanthropy and is never afraid to stand up for his convictions.


A leader is someone who is willing to take on challenges and guide others through them. A leader is also someone, at any level of an organization, who seeks opportunities for personal and group growth. Through Pilam, members learn how to lead but also learn about the idea of servant leadership and what it means to be part of something larger than oneself.

Obedience (Commitment) 

Obedience refers to one’s commitment. A Brother of Pi Lambda Phi will always uphold his commitments to himself, his fellow brothers and all others to serve a greater good. Commitment comes in many forms, but none more important than committing to hold yourself and others accountable in times where it is easy to simply turn a blind eye. The lessons learned through Pilam enable our members to be successful contributing members of our Fraternity, their local community, and society as a whole.

Finance (Financial Responsibility)

Finance refers to how a Pilam chooses to invest his various resources; time, money and the relationships he builds throughout his life. A Pilam invests in his and others’ futures by wisely investing his resources and maximizing the return on investment in all facets of life, well beyond his collegiate experience.


Our fraternity believes that not only do we have to believe in equality; we have to fight for its existence. Therefore you will hear Pilams talk about the importance of the Elimination of Prejudice – a call to action. The pursuit of the Elimination of Prejudice is at the core of what it means to be a Pilam. Since 1895, Pi Lambda Phi has helped create a better understanding between people. Pi Lambda Phi and its members are committed to upholding the mission established by our Founders, and at the center of it all is the pursuit of the Elimination of Prejudice. To learn more about the Elimination of Prejudice philanthropy click here.


The Creed of Pi Lambda Phi

That all men are created free and equal.

That no society of men can flourish unless members of that society are endowed with the opportunities and privileges of freedom.

That freedom implies the elimination of prejudice. That the elimination of prejudice means a better understanding ‘twixt men.

That it is incumbent upon me to fight for such freedom, even with my life.

That it is incumbent upon me, in my personal life, to be devoted to the highest standards of honesty and justice.

That because my country is dedicated to the highest standards of freedom and justice for all men of all creeds, I hereby pledge allegiance to my country, and to its national symbol.

Alfred “Koko” Kovner’s Quote (1942):

“Joining a fraternity means nothing. But when you have really worked for it, sweated for it, cursed it, and loved it, as well as the men in it, you have something.”

Alfred "Koko" Kovner

Elements Quote:

“We have elements to mold this fraternity into a unit of proud Brothers. Our destiny lies within those Brothers who are willing to accept the challenge and undergo the task by assuming personal initiative towards an endeavor that will benefit Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.”

Founders' Quote:

"Now, however, there has been founded the fraternity which seek only the most broad-minded, liberal, and progressive men. As will be seen in the account of this fraternity, in another part of this issue, the organization does not present itself as an experiment, but as an established fact. The fraternity seeks no members save those seeking it. And only the best of those who are progressive, industrious, and non-prejudiced, can seek it successfully."

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