Our Fall 2016 Semester


The previous semester was a very productive one for the undergraduate brothers of the Omega Beta chapter at Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, whether it be through growing fraternally while rooting for the football team as we kicked the game winning field goal to upset Florida State in Florida, or academically when staying up until 3 A.M. studying for midterms that we had to take hours later.

Last semester the Omega Beta chapter initiated the Alpha Pi fall pledge class of 18 brothers, the largest class since the Alpha class in 1997.  With the induction of such a large pledge class, the fraternity is returning to numbers that will make it one of the best on campus once again. The Newly Initiated Brothers are listed below:

Victor Arango- Sophomore from Pembroke Pines, Florida.
Howard Cummings- Freshman from Asheville, North Carolina.
Gardner Davis- Freshman from High Point, North Carolina.
Nico Deal- Sophomore from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Nathan DeSarro- Freshman from Denver, Colorado.
Tanner Ebeling- Freshman from Greenville, North Carolina.
Ryan Felts- Sophomore from Statesville, North Carolina.
Jack Glandt- Freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Khalil Grant- Sophomore from Malone, New York.
Nathan Harris- Freshman from Statesville, North Carolina.
Michael Jabar- Freshman from Huntsville, North Carolina.
Uel Mhretab- Freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina.
Dhru Patel- Sophomore from London, England.
Andy Richardson- Freshman from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Kirk Swilley- Sophomore from Davidson, North Carolina.
Caleb Watkins- Freshman from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Maurice Williams- Freshman from Biloxi, Mississippi.
Ryan Williams- Sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Later in the semester, a team of four brothers won TD Ameritrade’s 3rd annual thinkorswim Challenge, a national stock trading competition for college students.  Team members Grahme Taylor, Alex Bryan, Dhru Patel, and Nyatefe Mortoo competed against 726 other teams from colleges around the country.  Each team was given a $500,000 virtual portfolio at the beginning of the 4-week competition, during which they were allowed to trade stocks, ETFs, and options via TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform.  Our team ended the competition with a portfolio value of $1.131 million for a 127% rate of return.  In doing so, the group earned a $30,000 check to be donated to the school under their name along with a $30,000 matching donation from an anonymous donor.   Each team member received $3,000 and an iPad pro.  They were also interviewed live on national television for winning the competition, which you can watch here on CNBC http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000574353.  The entire brotherhood rooted for them as we watched the broadcast from the parlor room on LDOC.  

The brotherhood held its annual fall informal in the beautiful mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Here in Gatlinburg we took a break from school-induced stress and joined in fraternal bonding for a weekend. Some brothers brought dates, all of whom said they had a wonderful time. Here the fraternity also initiated our new Executive Board. The new E-Board is as follows.

Rex: Duncan Sheridan, a junior from Merrick, New York. Duncan is one of the few two time Rexes in our chapter’s history.
Marshal: Anshaal Iqbal, a junior from Los Angeles, CA.
Archon: Nelson Lopez Rodriguez, a junior from Durham, North Carolina.
KOE: Grady Hale, a junior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Prolocutor: Nicholas Stevens, a sophomore from Centreville, VA.
Scribe: Thor Petersen, a sophomore from Cary, NC.

Unfortunately, the great city of Gatlinburg experienced a series of wildfires that destroyed many homes and even took several lives. This isn’t just a city to a lot of brothers, as Gatlinburg had become a normal spot for us to hold informal. If you are interested in donating to the city there will be a link at the bottom page to do so.

Later on in the semester we also held elections for smaller positions such as rush chair, academic chair, philanthropy chair, etc. After much debate and deliberation, the chair positions were finalized, and the chapter believes it has set itself up to be in the best position possible for a successful 2017 Spring semester, academically, socially, and inter-fraternally.

If you would like to donate to the people of Gatlinburg Tennessee, the link is right here → http://friendsofthesmokies.org/

As the president of the alumni Brother Jeremy Drawas stated earlier on the site, this blog will be something the brotherhood updates monthly throughout the school year to keep alumni and others updated on our daily lives here at UNC. See you in a month.

Fraternally Submitted,
Maurice Williams

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