The First 30 Days


The past 30 days brought much joy and little worry to the Omega Beta chapter. This month, we gave out bids to the prospective Alpha Rho pledge class, endured a minor water crisis, took our annual composite, and eliminated risks throughout the rush process.

The Spring rush process started two weeks into January, and with that process many of our newly elected chairs were expected to meet high expectations. All of our members met all our expectations which led to a very successful spring rush. The rush events we hosted this semester included a basketball game watch party, a basketball tournament, a night of endless fun at SkyZone (a trampoline jump park), a dinner at Sakura (a Japanese hibachi grill), and a memorable evening filled with brotherhood stories at our Smoker Night. A big thanks goes to the Prolocutor Nicho Stevens (ΑΞ), and rush chairs Nyatefe Mortoo (ΑΟ), Ryan Williams (ΑΠ), and Tanner Ebeling (ΑΠ). Although they were not the only ones involved in the rush process, and not the only ones deserving of a thank you, the responsibility ultimately fell on them. They rose to the occasion and their efforts showed during the extremely successful rush week.

On Thursday February 2nd the Chapel Hill area faced a clean water shortage. The shortage was caused by an accidental contamination of the county’s clean water with fluoride and it forced many in-state students to travel back home for the weekend. This was an excellent opportunity for the brotherhood to bond together. Select brothers who lived in the Chapel Hill area very graciously invited many brothers over to shower during this crisis. Water was tested and deemed safe for use Sunday evening and the campus returned to normal function Monday, February 6th.

We also took our annual composites over the course of the first 30 days. This year the composite will consist of sixty-two brothers compared to last year’s fifty-nine. This will be a great visual representation of growth the brotherhood is going through.

Looking ahead, the brotherhood is expecting a great semester in many different aspects of Greek life. We started our first philanthropy event on January 24th by selling raffle tickets. These proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity. Our close relationship with Habit for Humanity will lead to many other philanthropy events with them in the near future including a Pancake Dinner on March 3, 2017.

The fraternity is also setting itself in the position to have a thrilling semester socially. There is already a mixer in place with talks of more to come. This will be the first time current members have had two back to back semesters with mixers since they became students at Carolina. The KOE, Grady Hale (ΑΟ), is ensuring people pay dues and the funds are sufficient enough that the fraternity will have at least two social events a week, whether those events be two parties, a cocktail and a mixer, or simply two brotherhood events.

With these factors as early indicators of the semester to come, I am excited to be a part of this organization and the growth we are about to experience. If any alumni are interested in appearing at any events, please contact either the Rex, Duncan Sheridan (ΑΜ), Marshal, Anshaal Iqbal (A Ν), or Archon, Nelson Lopez-Rodriquez (ΑΜ). Their information can be found on the contact us section of the website.

Fraternally Submitted,
Maurice Williams

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