Petition for Defined Timeline of Pi Lambda Phi UNC Charter Revocation

We are petitioning to obtain a defined timeline of two years for the revocation of the charter for Omega Beta Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Alumni of Pi Lambda Phi acknowledge and condemn the recent actions of the undergraduates of Pi Lambda Phi at UNC, including alcohol and drug abuse, hazing, and especially the undermining of the UNC Honor Court system. We do not seek exoneration, but rather a defined and reasonable timeline for rechartering in the future.

Pi Lambda Phi National Fraternity was started as the first non-sectarian fraternity in the U.S. as the result of the founders being denied fraternity admission on religious and racial grounds. We believe that our organization contributes positively to the student body and community at UNC, including a long history of pushing the elimination of prejudice.

Omega Beta at UNC, has always had a wide range of members from every race, religion, and creed -- with the longest history of acceptance of these groups of any social fraternity on campus. Long before the current emphasis on social issues, Omega Beta Chapter has invited countless individuals who would not have been welcome into other fraternity houses into our brotherhood. They were and are treated with the same bonds of lifetime fraternal friendship as any other brothers.

Since the recent transgressions of the undergraduate chapter, the Alumni Association has come together to form a Chapter Coaches Board to more closely oversee undergraduate operations in the future. We, as alumni, take responsibility to ensure the next group of brothers embody the high standards of Pi Lambda Phi and The University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We hope that UNC does not judge the contribution of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity by the actions of one group of members who have acted irresponsibly. We plead with the University to consider a suspension of two years. This would allow time to re-form the Chapter by putting appropriate conditions and boundaries, as well as adding active alumni oversight to ensure that a new Omega Beta chapter will continue the rich and socially conscious Pi Lambda Phi tradition.

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