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The Michael Sullivan Scholarship - COMING SOON

The average college student spends $1,000 every year on textbooks (not to mention that, according to CBS's report, just one of the most expensive textbooks can be more than that alone)! Pi Lambda Phi at UNC is also renowned for accepting students of all backgrounds, including many North Carolinians who pay for their own schooling and out-of-state students who spend over $45,000/year! With all of these expenses, it is no wonder why many of our best rushes ultimately choose not to join a Fraternity.

This is the reason that we have set up the Michael Sullivan Scholarship: To help promising students and brothers who wouldn't have been able to join the fraternity otherwise, join our ranks. 

And, of course, all donations to the Michael Sullivan Scholarship are tax deductible

Unfortunately, you can't donate quite yet... Our brilliant accountants and lawyers are working hard to ensure that when we are able to accept donations, everything will be kosher and you will be able to legally deduct these donations from your taxes. So, stay tuned and we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Michael Sullivan (pictured)

Our donation portals are secured by PayPal. The Alumni Association manages all money donated. All donations will be divided between alumni services, fraternity improvements, and other ventures, as determined by the Alumni Association.