2022 Letter Writing

In mid-July, Pi Lam Alumni will return to UNC's Office of Student Affairs to make our case for a shorter timeline for the revocation of our charter. We will bring any letters received to that meeting to help bolster our case.

If you can, please write a letter addressed to Jonathan Sauls, but mail it to Jeremy Drawas so the letters can be delivered together. 

Deadline to mail letters: July 8th, 2022

Our message is laid out in our petition. Please keep the messaging similar, but use your own words as much as possible. 

Mail to:
Jeremy Drawas
222 Glenwood Ave
Unit #507
Raleigh, NC 27603

Address letter to:
Jonathan Sauls
Office of Student Affairs
Henry Owl Building, CB#500
230 E. Cameron Street
Chapel Hill, NC 

Petition link: pilamunc.com/recharter_petition

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