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    Through the volunteer and fiscal support of a group of alumni, we have been able to create our Alumni Chapter and begin to actualize our dreams of a strong alumni community. Their support has sponsored our data collection campaign, built our website, and helped with chapter operations.

    Please join in and show your support as we continue to expand our efforts.

    Not four years, but a lifetime.

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    Pi Lams, Pi Lams Everywhere

    I graduated Spring of 2015 with a one-way ticket to California. An incredible job with eBay beckoned to me from San Jose, and I was determined to drive my first love, a red 2004 Toyota Corolla, through the heartland over to it. By the time I left my childhood home in New Jersey I had 17 days to burn as I weaved my way from sea to shining sea.

                During my time as an undergrad in the Pi Lam I house I was known as the spreadsheet master (or nerd depending on who you asked). I meticulously designed sheets to help brothers sign up for volunteer shifts, keep track of brotherhood points, and even for fun one weekend I put together a flexible income calculator that could dynamically calculate federal and state taxes for all 50 states plus D.C. My borderline obsessions with rows and columns overtook my road trip, and I began filling in points of interest I would stop in along the way.

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