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    Endowment Fund

    Pi Lambda Phi welcomes students of all backgrounds into their doors; however, financial limits can sometimes limit qualified students from joining. The Pi Lambda Phi Scholarship Endowment Fund, in honor of Michael Piller, will provide scholarships for Pi Lam undergraduates in need, to help Pi Lam recruit the very best brothers at UNC. 

    Once the endowment fund reaches $25,000, the funds will be invested with UNC’s larger endowment fund and we will be able to begin issuing scholarships. Scholarships are funded through the interest earned in the fund and the principal will always remain untouched and will grow in perpetuity. 

    A donation to the Pi Lambda Phi Scholarship Endowment Fund is tax deductible, eligible for employer match, and counts as a donation to both Pi Lam and UNC. The Alumni Association has been working to create and fund this scholarship for over 6 years. Help us meet the goal and finally be able to deliver scholarships to undergraduates in need. Thank you for your support!

    Every single donation helps! Donate to the fund or check our progress by clicking the link below:

    Click here to donate to the Endowment Fund

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    General Donations

    Through the volunteer and fiscal support of a group of alumni, we have been able to create our Alumni Chapter and begin to actualize our dreams of a strong alumni community. Their support has sponsored our data collection campaign, built our website, and helped with chapter operations.

    Please join in and show your support as we continue to expand our efforts.

    Not four years, but a lifetime.

    Our donation portals are secured by NationBuilder Payment Platform. The Alumni Association manages all money donated. All donations will be divided between alumni services, fraternity improvements, and other ventures, as determined by the Alumni Association.


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